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Thank you to all who participated in my 2023 Ornithology residency, both as performers and audience members.
Stay tuned for more this spring!




MARCH 2 HOUSTON, TX Melissa Aldana Quartet @ Dacamera Cullen Theater

MARCH 7 SIENA, IT Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ Un Tubo

MARCH 8 FERRARA, IT Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ Jazz Club Ferrara

MARCH 10 STOCKHOLM, SE Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ Fasching

MARCH 11 VIENNA, AT Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ ZWE Jazz Café

MARCH 12 BARCELONA ES-CT Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ Jamboree

MARCH 13 LONDON, UK Alex Hitchcock Dream Band masterclass @ Royal Academy of Music

MARCH 13 LONDON, UK Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ Pizza Express

MARCH 14 ABERDEEN, UK-SCT Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ The Blue Lamp

MARCH 15 AMSTERDAM, NL Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ Bimhuis

MARCH 16 TILBURG, NL Alex Hitchcock Dream Band @ Paradox

MARCH 20 ATHENS, GR Michalis Tsiftsis Quintet @ Afrikana

MARCH 22 NYC Kaisa Mäensivu @ Zinc

MARCH 23 PHILADELPHIA, PA Kaisa Mäensivu @ Chris's Jazz Cafe

MARCH 25 NYC Roy Ben Bashat @ Drink Lounge

MARCH 27 NYC Tyrone Allen Quartet house concert in Ditmas Park

APRIL 1 NYC Lex Korten Quartet @ Ornithology ft. Alex Hitchcock, Kanoa Mendenhall, Joe Dyson

APRIL 2 NYC Zoh Amba Sun Quartet@ Roulette

APRIL 3 NYC Tyrone Allen @ The Jazz Gallery

APRIL 4 NYC Kaisa Mäensivu @ Smalls

APRIL 9/10 NYC Melissa Aldana album release concert @ Dizzy's Club, JALC

APRIL 12/13 NYC Lage Lund @ The Jazz Gallery

APRIL 18 NYC Nicola Caminiti Quartet @ Ornithology

APRIL 25/26/27 ORLANDO, FL Melissa Aldana Quartet @ Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

APRIL 28 ST. AUGUSTINE, FL Melissa Aldana Quartet @ Chez L'Amour

APRIL 29 NYC Nicola Caminiti @ Bar LunÁtico

APRIL 30 NYC Tyrone Allen @ Ornithology

MAY 3 NYC Dabin Ryu Duo @ Dizzy's Club, JALC

MAY 11 NYC Nicola Camniniti "Vivid Tales" album release @ The Jazz Gallery

MAY 16 PITTSBURGH, PA Milena Casaco @ City of Asylum

MAY 23 MONTERREY, MX Lex Korten Trio @ Saxy

MAY 25 MONTERREY, MX Magaly Azuara @ Beat in the Feet Tap Dance Festival

JUNE 3 NYC Lex Korten Trio @ Ornithology ft. Ben Tiberio, Ofri Nehemya

JUNE 7 NYC Simon Moullier @ Nublu

JUNE 8 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Izithunywa (Ndabo Zulu and Linda Sikhakhane) @ Yerba Buena Gardens Festival

JUNE 10 NYC Dave Adewumi @ Close Up

JUNE 14 NYC Alfredo Colon "Blood Burden" album release @ The Jazz Gallery

JUNE 16 NYC DoYeon Kim @ Close Up

JUNE 24 NYC Tyler Kaneshiro @ Congress Bar

JUNE 24 NYC Marcos Varela @ Django

JUNE 26 NYC Tyshawn Sorey: Tribute to Max Roach @ Dizzy's Club, JALC

JUNE 28 NYC Zoh Amba Sun Quartet @ Ki Smith Gallery

JUNE 29 NYC Yotam Ben-Or @ Ornithology

JULY 3 NYC Lex Korten Quartet @ Smalls

JULY 5 WATERVILLE, ME Simon Moullier @ Colby College

JULY 6 MONTREAL, QC Milena Casado @ Montreal Jazz Festival

JULY 12 ROTTERDAM, NL Milena Casado @ North Sea Jazz Festival

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