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Lex Korten Quartet



Personnel: Joel Ross - vibes, Lex Korten - piano, Ben Tiberio - bass, Morgan Guerin - drums

The Lex Korten Quartet is the debut group of Lex's original music since his move to NYC. The common theme in this music relates to human experiences; ranging from personal emotions to commentary on socio-political moments in recent history.

Personnel: Davy Lazar - tpt, David Leon - alto, Yuma Uesaka - tenor, Lex Korten - p, Nick Dunston - b, Kayvon Gordon - d

Make/Believe is a sextet focused on evoking powerful abstract imagery through thematically connected suites. Through-composed pieces and creative forms are elevated by total freedom and trust amongst the group's 6 members.

Personnel: Jasper Dütz - ww, Kalia Vandever - tb, Lex Korten - p, Adam Olszewski - b, Evan Hyde - d

This yet-unnamed group is meant to escape the trappings of a particular style, and instead rely on the individual personalities of the members, with multiple composers driving the group sound. 

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Stay tuned for an upcoming solo piano release featuring recordings from Lex's 1st prize-winning performance at the 2020 UNISA International Piano Competition!

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